Over the last 50 years animal feeding practices have changed. Typical diets are composed of corn, soya bean meal and wheat. The traditional way of feeding has gone!

The consequences are more important than we could have thought. Changing the animal diet generates lower animal performances and creates an imbalance in animal food products, consequently leading to human disorders (obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, cerebral disorders…)

In the late 90’s Valorex developed a specific extrusion process (TRADILIN®) optimizing the nutritional benefits from linseeds. Rich in Ω3 selected linseeds rebalance the Ω6/Ω3 ratio, improving animal performances and the quality of animal food products.

Scientifically proven and confirmed in the field EasyLin allows farmers to improve:

• Productivity

• Health

• Fertility

• Profitability

• Sustainability

“We are what we eat”. Animal food products consumed by humans have a strong impact on human health. In 2000 Valorex created the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur Association to gather engaged actors for a responsible and sustainable agriculture. Feed humans better by feeding animals better, and respect the environment. This is the commitment!



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