Our History

Noack International was founded in 1980 in Switzerland by Mr. Dieter Noack, who was before sales and marketing director of Hoffmann La Roche in Vienna for East Europe. He was handling all vitamins and feed additives of Hoffmann La Roche, sold to the feed, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.
Noack was at that time only involved in the sales of feed additives and was doing a lot of barter business with Central East European Countries.

Mr. Herbert Völkerer joined Noack shortly after foundation of the company and set up an office in Austria from which the East European market was serviced.

Noack originally started as a trading company, developed soon into a technical marketing company and based their business on exclusive distribution agreements for the a.m. countries (Central East Europe).

Noack started business with diagnostic products which was a complementary business to our feed additives, mould inhibitors and toxin binders. The diagnostic business, which started in the feed sector, developed soon towards applications in food.

Between 1989 and 1992 Noack founded affiliates resp. representative offices.


  • Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

Representative offices:

  • Slovenia and Croatia

Noack started activities with veterinary products. Noack became exclusive distributor for MSD in all our markets and we enlarged our product portfolio also with other suppliers. Mainly due to the joint venture (1997) between the animal health subsidiaries of Merck & Co. (MSD AgVet) and Sanofi-Aventis (Rhône-Mérieux), we subsequently stopped our Veterinary Business in all our markets, except Bulgaria, where we still sell a limited product-range of Andersen SA.

Noack started activities in veterinary diagnostics, distributing products from the Spanish producer Ingenasa. Nowadays our veterinary diagnostic department with its wide product-range plays an important role in our business model.

Noack started the business with Analytical Equipment in Poland, mainly for the milk industry (analyses of liquids), following the request from the diagnostic operation in the Polish market.

Due to mainly logistic reasons, we decided to change the legal staus of our representative office to a limited liability company (d.o.o)

Noack decided to start a more intensive engagement on the Russian market. Due to stratetic reasons we founded a new company in Vienna – at that time together with a russian partner – which is the mother company (100%) of the new founded daughter company (SAFEED) in Moscow.

In order to get a better entrance to former Yugoslavian market, we decided to start with our own affiliate and thus with the foundation of NOACK South-East with its seat in Novi Sad.

Since 2009 we have put our main efforts into the consolidation of our existing markets, strengthening our market position in these areas and subsequently put our main focus into trying to find and provide our customers with the latest technologies and solutions to the animal- and food producing industry.

Since the very beginning our headquarters in Vienna, Austria do the central purchasing, provide financing for the whole group and give management-, marketing- and technical support to our affiliates. Furthermore Noack in Vienna is the contract partner of our suppliers for the whole territory and thus takes care about strategic planning and business development.

Today our group employs more than 120 highly educated people, who are dedicated to be a professional partner to our customers in order to provide optimal solutions for their needs.

Barentz International, aleading global life science distributor, has expanded its activities in the Central East European region.

The company proudly announces the acquisition of a majority stake in the Noack Group, a specialized distributor of ingredients for the animal
nutrition and feed industry. In addition, Noack serves the food and veterinary industry with a wide range of agro food and veterinary diagnostic test systems and

Barentz is a leading global life science ingredients distributor. The company sources branded specialty ingredients from leading manufacturers worldwide and its ingredient experts provide value-added technical support which includes premixing, blending, ingredient formulation and ingredient testing from its state-ofthe-art, customized formulation centers and application laboratories in EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific.